5 Ways to Decorate Your Small Living Room

New modern homes in the city are generally smaller and this has created a problem for homeowners who have to strike a balance between placing furniture and making their home as roomy as possible. This guide serves to assist you with useful design concepts for your small living room

As the living room is likely the place in your house that you will spend the most time with your family members and guests, it is important that you search for appropriate small living room decorating ideas to not only match your preference for also to make your room welcoming.

  1. Choose uniquely stylish flooring

The flooring of your living room plays definitive role when it comes to setting the décor theme, comfort and durability of your living room. According to Bob Wetmore, an architect with Cornerstone Architects firm, concrete and wood floorings are resilient to walk on and can be engineered to make them feel warmer during the winter season. If you opt for rugs instead, purchase different pieces of rugs and use them to subdivide the room into small spaces.  This makes your living room seem to have many spaces in one large area.

  1. Leverage on colors to set the décor’s theme

A carefully picked color scheme for the rugs, furniture, and walls can help create a lovely and inviting space with a style that’s way beyond the room’s diminutive size. Only choose a color theme mirrors your personal style and also make the room bright. To quote Mark McCauley, a celebrated author and interior designer, a light color scheme enhances your space’s clarity and openness.

  1. Select and set up the furniture wisely

This will perhaps be one of the most challenging steps in decorating your living room. For the limited space, your choice furniture is but limited. That’s why you should source for light furniture sets for your living room. This makes it easy to arrange the room to fit in other accessories in the minimal space. As a bonus, try to source for sets that have built in storage space that can be used to keep small items out of view. Equally important, ensure the sofa sets are raised above the ground to make the space lit and airy.

  1. Create an anchor point

Another living room idea for small spaces involves creating an anchor point revolves around installing outstanding pieces in strategic locations and subsequently tricking the eye into perceiving that the area is larger than it actually is. Some favorite pieces you could install include hanging a large mirror in a central position and such that it reflects away light from the window. The occurring reflection creates an illusion of a second window. An alternative to using a mirror is hanging free flowing drapes all the way from the ceiling to the floor. This method is especially fitting if your living room has a high ceiling.

  1. Invest in architectural trim work

Trim works can help transform sterile, open floors into inviting and highly textured spaces. Trim work can be done on windows, shelves, doors, walls, ceilings and even on mantels. While architectural trim work may require calling in an expert, it will ultimately leave your living room illustrious in every aspect.

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