5 Vacuum Cleaning Tips for your Home

Cleaning tools that make cleaning more effective and fast have become increasingly popular and the vacuum cleaner is one of those tools. Most types of vacuum cleaners are designed to offer more cleaning options than just vacuuming floors and carpets. Vacuum models such uprights and canister come with hoses and other accessories that can shorten the duration of cleaning in a home. Unlike just wiping and sweeping, using vacuum cleaners for various cleaning tasks enables you to remove allergens and dust rather than just spreading them around the home. Here are various ways for vacuum cleaning your home:

  1. Use a Vacuum Machine to Clean Your Cabinets and Drawers

A vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool enables you to vacuum cabinets and drawers to remove crumbs, dust and lint. This tool enables to reach and clean neglected areas such as spaces between cabinets and behind turn tables. Use it to remove the dirt clogged in storage drawers, cutlery drawers and book shelves in your library effectively.

  1. Use a Vacuum Machine to Clean Your Pillows, Mattresses and Closets

Sand, dust and gravel tends to gather around closets, particularly on boots and shoes. Vacuuming these areas can help get rid of this kind of dirt in just a few minutes without spreading it. For pillows, vacuum them directly to remove mites. dust and skin flakes. Alternatively, put the pillow in a huge plastic bag. Slightly close the bag and hold it then let air the air from the vacuum hose blow in. Re-fluff the pillow outside. Vacuum the mattress regularly to remove any accumulated dust, hair, dead skin, allergens or dust mites as well as keep the mattress clean.

  1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Freshen the Room

To get rid of allergens and any airborne dust, extract you vacuum cleaner’s hose and leave the machine running in the closed room for about fifteen minutes. As the vacuum cleaner runs, it restores clean air into the room. This is a great way of reducing or containing disturbed dust as you spring clean a room in the home. However, do not let the vacuum machine run for prolonged periods of time.

  1. Keep Your Draperies and Walls Dust Free

Curtain drapes accumulate a lot of dust particularly on top of the curtain headers as well as valances. Using the a vacuum cleaner’s wand, hose and an additional dusting attachment, vacuum this curtains and get rid of dust and dirt. Some vacuum cleaners are fitted with a delicate and gentle suction that is ideal for vacuuming the entire length of curtain draperies. Before painting or washing walls, vacuum them to get rid of any loose dust that might spread during wiping. Vacuum dusting is important when cleaning walls made of wood and panels before polish or wood cleaner can be applied.

  1. Vacuum Dust Your Mirror and Glass Surfaces

For wall mirrors and glass surfaces, vacuuming helps in removing dust that would otherwise be smeared during cleaning. When vacuuming mirrors or glass, use an extra soft brush to dust the surfaces to avoid scratching.

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