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How to Stop Hair Loss During Menopause Naturally?

Menopausal hair loss is a common health issue for women above 50s. For many women, menopausal hair loss could be frustrating since for the majority of women hair is seen as a sign of youthfulness and beauty. Hair loss during and after menopause can be caused by various different factors including hormonal changes, thyroid function, genetics, increased testosterone levels, stress and also drugs usage.

American Hair Loss Society does not recommend hormonal treatment methods to stop menopausal hair loss due to the fact that it can caused some negative effects including breast cancer, blood clots, ovarian cancer and heart disease. Instead, they suggest life style changes as the ideal long-term solution to prevent and even stop hair loss during menopause.

Lifestyle Changes to Stop Hair Loss During Menopause

A number of life style changes can be considered for menopausal hair loss treatments. Diet is one of the easiest yet effective ways to stop menopausal hair loss. Bring in more iron, protein as well as vitamin B and C to your regular meals. Reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption can be a good way as well.

Moreover, physical activities will be helpful in order to get a better body metabolism not only for your hair but also for your overall health condition. Yoga, workout, exercise and even regular walking and jogging can become great options to do during menopausal period. Stay away from stress (mostly from work stress) also recommended by the American Hair Loss Society. Last but not least, keeping your hair style as natural as you can has been considered as a good standard precaution for hair treatments, not merely for menopause women but even for all women.

Alternative Hair Loss Treatments During Menopause

While it holds true that life style changes can be great and helpful to cure menopausal hair loss, in case that your hair loss degree is quite alarming, there are some hair loss treatment alternative that you can give it a try. Acupuncture and other massage therapies have been accepted for a long time as an alternative for many health problem including hair loss. Doing acupuncture and massage on your scalp regularly is believed to bring a good effect for your hair follicles.

Applying natural hair loss supplements such as some Chinese and Indian herbal supplements can also help in preventing and stopping hair loss during menopause. One such natural hair loss treatment product that especially developed from herbal ingredients is Har Vokse. This clinically proven product consist of hair loss spray as well as hair loss supplement (pills) that work together from inside and outside to prevent and stop hair loss. The great thing about Har Vokse is that this product does not have any side effects due to the fact that all of its active ingredients are made from herbal natural substances. Visit HarVokseClinic.com for more info about Har Vokse.


All of the above mentioned methods to treat menopausal hair loss can be used continuely. In fact, you cannot rely on merely one particular treatment method. Moreover, the most important thing to get all of these treatment work is actually to start applying them as soon as possible. Do not wait until you find your hair alredy fall out.

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