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How to Select Right Hair Extension for You?

Hair extensions are used since years to add volume and length to natural human hair. Extensions are used to style hair and also to add luster to them. Many tribes and regions of world use extensions as integral part of their hair styling. Selecting hair extension that would add to the beauty of hair is important. If one fails to use correct hair extension for their hair type then it would make their hair style look messy and ugly at times.

Selecting Hair Extension

Try Out

Before selecting any one type of hair extension, it is important that you try out that with your hair. It would enable you to understand how well it suits your hair. Many times a hair extension would appear great when you hold it in your hands. But on attaching it to hair your hair would not blend well with it.

Select Right Shade

There may be different shades of hair extensions. Few shades would be much different than your natural hair. These extensions would look great with your hair but only if you are able to use it effectively with your hair. Otherwise this would turn into your biggest style failure.

Consult a Stylist

A professional hair stylist understands hair better than anyone else in the world. They would have an overall idea about different hair types and also types of hair extensions available. Consulting professional hair stylist prior to selecting an extension would prove beneficial. They would explain you about your hair type and also the type of extensions and pros and cons of using them. This visit would help you come to right conclusions.


Not all extensions are to be used in same way. There are different ways to attach extensions to hair like seamless extensions, Remy extensions, Human hair, etc. Once as you try different extensions with your hair there would be clarity about the comfort of each type. Those extensions that are more comfortable over others must be preferred. You would need to carry extension for a long duration and selecting the comfortable one would be the best choice.

There are various types, size and shapes of extensions used by individuals. The oldest hair extensions are traced in history to 3400 BC in Egyptian civilization. Cleopatra is believed to be practicing use of human hair extension rockville to style her hair. Extensions could dramatically change the appearance and volume of natural hair if used effectively.

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