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How PA and Executive Assistant Jobs Can Help Women

PA and Executive Assistant Jobs can be highly desirable for many professional women in London and other major commercial centers, as they offer more than just a good salary and benefits, but also a challenging and interesting job.

In the UK, the most common job name for an entry level job providing administrative support to a manager is a PA. The next level is when you start to support an Executive Level Manager, this will mean that you have to be a more effective PA and possess strong managerial soft skills to support high profile manager. This type of role is referred to in London as an Executive PA. Finally, the highest level is when you can make decision on some more simple business areas in the absence of your manager. This means that you have gained so much experience and knowledge as an Executive PA that you can act on your own initiative and your job title will be Executive Assistant.

These job titles do not have the same meaning in the rest of the world, but this the British terminology. It is far more developed than in the old days when these types of roles only provided simple Admin and Typing functions. Now PAs, Executive PAs and Executive Assistants are trained to be partners to their managers, not functionaries. Although there is a growing trend of men seeking PA careers, the majority of successful PAs are women.

Why have Executive Assistant Jobs changed?

Business has realized that the role played by Executive Assistants is highly important to the success of the people they are supporting. Therefore, there is a need for a far more capable supporting role than in the past. There are also far more highly educated and capable PAs in the job market that are willing to develop their careers.

There has also been a dramatic move in technology, leading to the automation of tasks. This means that the need for a typist supporting and printing documents is redundant. We now have freed up the time of the Assistant to do more valuable tasks. Finally, we must note that there has been a shift in society as women as now seen as being the driving forces in companies. Many women now focus on career, whereas in the past they had not been offered this opportunity.

How to become a PA?

Major commercial centers such as London, Dubai and other such cities have developed some excellent training programs for PAs. The training that is now available should ideally be a mixture of technical, business and soft skills in order to ensure that the full mix of skills are gained.

Training and a recognized qualification are ideal. Government colleges may lack the business focus and up to date criteria that relate to the modern PA and Executive Assistant Jobs.  Therefore, you should research the best means of getting the training and courses in your country and the best ways of getting into the job market. You should consider the types of courses you need to take once you are a PA also to ensure that you are keeping ahead of the game and making the move forwards.

You need to gain as much work experience as a PA as possible and try to ensure that you get experience in the correct areas. Look at the requirements to become an Executive PA and focus on gaining knowledge and experience in these areas.

Find out more about training to become a PA, Executive Assistant or other related job titles by visiting the following link: PA Courses in London

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