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baby headbands

Distinguish Your Little Girl with Baby Headbands, Clips, and Bows

“Aww. Isn’t he just adorable?” Every parent loves to hear words like this, but not when the “he” is actually a “she”. It is difficult to tell babies apart in many cases, especially when swaddled in blankets or dressed in anything but pink. Baby clips, bows, and headbands are outstanding ways to distinguish your little girl in photos or in person.

Gorgeous Baby Headbands

Baby headbands may be beautiful, functional, or both. For instance, if your baby girl has a lot of hair that frequently falls into her eyes, a baby headband holds it back out of the way comfortably, and with style. On the other hand, even if your precious bundle of joy has almost no hair at all, a headband makes a great accessory to a dress, a pair of jeans, or even a cute jumper. They are perfect for everyday wear or for picture day, and some are beautiful enough to pair with pageant dresses.

Baby Hair Clips

Baby hair clips are great ways to distinguish your little girl’s identity. Never again will strangers fail to notice that your bundle is a beautiful girl! These clips come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so whether you want a tiny color-coordinated bow or a huge baby hair bow that sparkles and shines, you can find them with ease. Fortunately, even if your baby has very little hair, the unique clasp system, which attaches to only a few wisps of hair, allows the bow to stay in place without hurting your little one.

How to Choose

Of course, an infant has not really developed a sense of style, but she may have developed her own little personality at just a few months of age. If your little one is at the age where she puts everything in her mouth, you may want to avoid the tiny bows and instead go with larger baby hair bows or baby clips instead. One-piece headbands are also a good choice for babies who like to put everything in their mouths since there are no small pieces. Otherwise, it is all about fashion and style. There are so many materials, colors, and patterns from which to choose that the possibilities are nearly endless.

Style and Color

Choosing baby hair clips is easy. First, determine what sort of accessory you would like – a baby headband, clip, or hair bow. Then, find the style and material you prefer. Some of the options include tuxedo bows, boutique bows, butterfly bows, rabbit-ear style headbands, and floral headbands. Finally, once you have narrowed down your choices, you can choose the color you prefer. Often, there are up to a dozen different colors and color combinations, making it easy to complete your baby girl’s wardrobe.

With the right baby headbands and other cute accessories for your baby girl’s hair, the only thing you will ever hear from strangers is, “She’s just the most precious little girl!” Never again will your baby girl be mistaken for a boy, and you will not have to worry about her hair bow slipping out – even if she has barely-there hair.

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