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Content Recommendation for Blogger

In order to provide important insights to the audience, the use of personalized content and its recommendations are essential. This enables the bloggers to add huge value to the readers as well as the advertisers on these blogs. A blogger’s personalized content strategy should always match the interests as well as the objectives of the reader groups. This is possible by using various insight engines that can collect as well as analyze contexts along with the user data, their behavior, various trends, the external as well as the demographical data, the historical data and various other data sources.

It is important to look at the meanings and not just words only. The bloggers who use content recommendations can see an immediate increase in the page views by about 3-5 per cent. The limits can also be pushed beyond this. It can be achieved through the tuning of personalized content recommendations. This results in an immediate increase in the number of views from the page. It also increases the time spent on the website and also lowers the bounce rates. This in turn increases the advertising revenue, sales revenue, average order value and cross sales potential. These effects are a good indicator of an improved experience of the users, which in turn will definitely increase the overall traffic.

The effects not only provide a competitive edge, but also attract many advertisers. The bloggers can also get insights into audiences, improving targeting and increasing hit rates. This is a cloud-based model which ensures that it is a highly cost-effective as well as a scalable implementation. This way bloggers can use their audience insights in order to deliver the right content for the right readers and that too at the right time.

Related content widgets offer content recommendations. It gives the blog readers: more and better articles to explore. These recommendations or suggestions are related to what the readers were currently reading. This provides a lot of significant benefits to the bloggers. With content recommendations, the readers get a better user experience. This way they will stay glued to the blogs. The readers come to read a blog are on your website for a reason: They want to find something that satisfies their need for relevant information. If in case, after they have read the first blog, they are not able to find the information they were actually looking for, then it is highly likely that they will move back to search on Google. Thus, the traffic will move to some other website that will give them relevbloggerant stuff. By using related posts widgets, a blogger will be able to display more related posts for the readers, thus giving them a reason to stay back and not move to other competitors.

So, if you are a blogger and want to generate traffic on your blog and thus increase its popularity, use content recommendation widgets. This feature is usually overlooked but you can easily find a great related articles widget to get more visitor engagement to your content

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