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Chimney Repair

Chimney cleaning tips that you should know

Regular chimney cleaning is very important for maintaining the fireplace in a best working condition. Cleaning is done to remove creosote and soot that is highly hazardous and flammable. Chimney cleaning may be a pretty hard but with basic cleaning tips, someone could perform it without hiring an expert.

Cleaning begins with gathering the necessary tools and materials. Some of the tools required for a perfect chimney sweep include a chimney brush, gloves, dust mark, a ladder, a rope, protective goggles and flash light. Before buying a chimney brush, it is best to measure the inner part of a chimney liter so that you purchase the right size.

Methods of cleaning chimney

Among the many techniques of cleaning a chimney is beginning from the rooftop. The flue cap should as well as be deleted to permit unrestricted access to the chimney. In this technique, a flexible rod is fixed with a chimney brush and then lowered through to the chimney. The rod should be lengthy so that it covers the full chimney. After the chimney brush has touched the base, it should be twisted to scrub the place before it is brought back to the top. This should be done many times, before examining the full chimney using a perfect flashlight.

Another technique of cleaning the chimney entails linking the chimney brush to one end of a rope. The opposite end of the rope is tied to a weight, but the rope too should be equal to the chimney length. The rope is then lowered to the bottom before it is pulled down and up many times to make sure Chimney Sweeping.

The other technique involving use of the rod is whereby a chimney brush linked to a rod is inserted from the base rather than the roof. This may anyway not be effective because it is not easy to seal the kitchen area. Soot will therefore spread all over the place.

There is also a process known as the two-personal cleaning technique. Chimney brushes are combined to the 2 ends of a rod, and the ropes are extended. A person inserts one end from the rooftop while another grips the rod from the base.

One perfect technique that does not need such cleaning stuff is the use of cleaning logs. These logs emit some chemicals which loosen and dissolve creosote so that it does not stick to the chimney walls. Instead, the soot drops to the bottom where it is simply collected.

When Chimney cleaning is necessary

A lot of times an examination will come with a chimney cleaning. This may not forever be the case though and the examination may not forever be necessary although cleaning is. The CSIA advises you forever get a chimney sweeper md done when an eighth an inch of soot is visible within the flue and chimney. If you look up at your flue and see a glaze has built up, it does not issue how thick it is, you need your chimney cleaned before using it again.

Getting your chimney cleaned at least once a year is advised. Right before winter begins is generally best because that is when the burning begins.

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