Divorce Lawyers: 4 Don’ts When Going Through A Divorce

Many people going through divorce for the first time make plenty of mistakes that not only lead to them to stalling the divorce process, it also leads to them wasting a lot of money. Divorce lawyers recommend that you be cautious about how you go about the process. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t do when going through a divorce:

Going straight to court

When people, especially women, decide that they want out of marriage, they rush to court. You shouldn’t do this. While the court will give you the divorce that you are looking for, you will waste a lot of time there. You also will end up spending a lot of money.

The fastest and financially sensible thing you should do is to go the mediation way. Here you need to hire a professional who will hear your side of the story and help you help you in solving the issues.

Over the years we have come across couples that wanted a divorce but after mediation, they end up getting back together.

While mediation is the best way out, it might not be the ideal one for every couple. If one of the spouses is hiding assets or income and isn’t ready to get clean, you have no way out other than to head to court and let the judge do their work.

Hiring a combative lawyer

Divorce is highly emotional and when people decide that they want to go ahead with it, they often want to hurt the other party. One of the ways of doing it is hiring a combative lawyer who will punish their former spouse.

You should note that there is nothing good that will come out of the combative lawyer. While he/she might succeed at making your ex shed tears, he/she will end up costing you a lot of money. You also will end up wasting a lot of time in court.

This is because your ex might get defensive making the process boring and complicated.

The best revenge is living a great life after divorce; therefore, you shouldn’t think about hiring a combative lawyer. If you need a lawyer, hire someone who has your best interests at heart. The lawyer shouldn’t be concerned with getting you revenge.

A good lawyer should only be interested in making the process as smooth as possible. You will be better off with an attorney who thinks that mediation is the way to go, than someone who promises to give you everything that you deserve.

Being in the dark about your finances

Divorce changes a lot of things and one of the main ones is your financial situation. If your partner is the one who used to handle all the finances in your home, once you divorce, you will be the one responsible for yours.

Many people, especially women, are often in the dark about their spouse’s income and assets. This is wrong as you will be at a disadvantage as you won’t get an amount that you deserve.

When you are parting ways, you should strive to get as much information about the assets as much as possible. You should make copies of all the important financial records such as account statements and any others.

If you believe that your spouse will liquidate an asset, you should get a restraining order from the court and notify the asset holder about it. If your spouse moves or uses assets without your knowledge, you should consider hiring forensic and legal accounting professionals to help you in locating and valuing the assets. You should then go ahead and notify the court about it.

Hiding assets

Many divorcing couples want their partners to die, let alone share their fortune with them. Due to this, many of these people try to hide their assets. They might sell the assets or even transfer them to friends and relatives.

Do you want your divorce to be smooth and fast? Don’t do this. While you might get away with it, in the event the court gets wind of it you will be in a lot of trouble. Even if you hire the best divorce lawyers , when the court learns that you are hiding assets, you won’t get a favorable hearing and there is nothing you say in court will be considered as the truth unless you prove it.

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