Silk Plants

Decorate your home with silk plants

A touch of green can make a room come alive. Plants and flowers add vitality and warmth to home décor. However, knowing the disadvantages of live plants, we cannot use them much in our home. If you are keen to have greenery in your home, silk plants can be an ideal option.

Choose silk plants that have a natural look

If you go through the home décor magazines and websites, you will come across artificial plants and flowers in many styles. Along with other elements of home décor, the trend of using fake plants also change with time and hence it is important to know the latest trends and decorate your home stylishly.

When buying artificial flowers and plants you should go for natural looks. Pay attention to the texture of the leaves and petals. You may fall in love with many items, but remember to get only a few as you do not want your home to end up looking like a plastic garden.

How to use silk plants in your home

Creating a minimalistic look with signature décor items is the hottest trend in home décor. So, go for single and unique silk tree in a large room and observe the impact it creates on your guests.

A single flower or a silk plant in a square vase placed on the coffee table will make the living room look vibrant. Gone are the days of placing ivy on top of cabinet. The recent trend is to use interesting shaped pots to house your favorite ivy. Place the potted plants near windows or at corners where they will get light and air and look very natural.

While choosing artificial flowers don’t go over-the-top. Big roses and sunflowers would make your room look very dated. Small but natural looking flowers in hues of pink, peach and white would always look good.

You can place silk plants anywhere in your house. The bedroom, bathroom and even the kitchen can have a fake plant to uplift your mood. Just choose pots in different shapes and colors to create different looks. You can fill the pots with sand, pebbles and colorful stones for a more dramatic effect.

Choose flowers that go with the season and you will find your house always looking bright and beautiful. Another advantage of using silk plants and flowers is that they can be recycled. You can display them according to the season or your mood and stylize your home creatively.

Place silk plants at strategic locations and see how they add to the beauty of your home. Your guests will surely complement your aesthetic sense.

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