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Electronic Cigarettes for People Who Want to Quit Smoking for Good

Beating the habit of smoking in the real world is notoriously tough, as many of those who repeatedly fail at the effort would admit. People who intended to quit smoking demonstrate their willingness to “try anything” by subscribing to more conventional methods, such as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.

What are e-cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette is a device that is intended to serve primarily as a smoking cessation aid. It looks like a typical cigarette, but instead of smoke, it produces a vapor. The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes does not contain tobacco smoke, although nicotine is still present. People who support the product believe that this kind of device effectively reduces cravings for cigarettes. E-cigarettes are also meant to decrease the symptoms of withdrawal, which assail smokers who are in the process of quitting smoking. In recent years, more smokers are getting their hands on electronic cigarettes because of reports that they are more effective than other known methods.

What current research says about electronic cigarettes?

There is current evidence that the use of e-cigarettes and portable vapes surpass more traditional methods of nicotine replacement therapy. This report pertains to the success rate in smokers who intend to quit. A new study from the United Kingdom supports the claim that it is easier and more effective to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. Compared to other methods, including the use of nicotine gum or nicotine patch, people who make us of e-cigarette are 60% more successful at quitting the habit altogether.

Unfortunately, the results of this study are not representative of the outcomes of the other studies conducted on the subject. In fact, some studies report that e-cigarettes are not helpful at all in helping people to quit smoking. There is nothing conclusive yet, mainly due to mixed research results.

Nevertheless, the potential benefits of e-cigarettes and top-rated vaporizers, like other vaporizers distributed are difficult to dismiss. People who believe in the positive effects of electronic cigarettes are pointing out that the device is already playing an important role in lowering the rates of smoking real cigarettes in the United States. Since e-cigarettes are becoming even more popular, it offers three times as many people a feasible means of quitting.

Risks associated with e-cigarettes

If you are interested in using electronic cigarettes, you need to know a few more things about the device, specifically the risk involved. In some studies, users of e-cigarettes were more prone to developing nicotine dependency than those who were trying out methods that are more traditional.

Many doctors contend that is it just too early for society to ascertain whether e-cigarettes are good for people’s health or not. As of now, there is no conclusive evidence that fully describes the effects of e-cigarettes on the human body. Therefore, caution must be exercised before they are used. More studies must be conducted to determine how it really affects smokers.

At this time, the United States Food and Drug Administration does not yet regulate the production of e-cigarettes. As such, many people are unwilling to use them, despite claims of some smokers that the device helped them to quit smoking for good.

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