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5 Things Coming Up in the Next Decade for Luxury Travel of the Future

The travel industry is evolving, due to a number of factors, such as the growing middle class in China and new trends adopted by travel agencies. These changes are affecting the luxury travel industry in a number of interesting ways. Here are the top trends that have been unfolding in recent years.

China’s Influence

China’s economic growth has resulted in a growing middle class that is now a big consumer of luxury brands. China’s middle class stands at 300 million people. More of the middle class has acquired a taste for luxury travel. Many companies know they can no longer ignore China, as it makes 25% of the world’s luxury brand consumers.

Travel agencies and Airlines are responding to China’s middle class demand for luxury brands. British Airways has been working to sell first class travel to China. This was not a priority for BA in the last 10 years, but they are increasingly looking.

Personalized Travel

Many agencies and companies are moving away from conventional hotels to personalized luxury travel to cater for the discerning gentleman and his high class companion. Even traditional destinations like Hawaii, Bahamas, and Tahiti are no longer sold as packages. Travel agencies are taking time to find out what people want.

Airlines are giving flight meals and working on making most aspects of the flight tailored specifically for each person. British Airways is developing online systems to collect data and identify high value customers. These customers will receive offers, and will be welcomed by BA employees at the gate.

The online booking service Expedia is spending billions of dollars on data trying to provide personalized recommendations for its users. It will be possible to get a quick recommendation, when you log onto the site in future.

Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally conscious people are beginning to reflect on how their trip is going to influence the environment. Travel agencies, and travel blogs all around the world are promoting green travel. There are now packages to cater for environmentally conscious people from different parts of the world. Some packages strive to reduce carbon emissions.

Family travel trends are also evolving with many agencies increasingly catering for young families. Hotels are working on Kid friendly menus. Some hotels have prepared kid friendly utensils as more young families are going for extended vacations. This means more parents want to go to places where their children will fill comfortable as well as catered for. Green conscious travelers are becoming knowledgeable, and are investigating any claims made by agencies and hotels, before choosing them as their preferred travel partners.

Non-Conventional Travel and Destinations

The other trend is non-conventional destination and packages that are different from what travel agencies have been offering for years. More people are looking for activities that will break away from conventional vacationing.

There are certain destinations that are considered for luxury travel. Some of them are traveling through India by luxury train whilst others are travelling first class by jet with a VIP model. Other destinations such as Spain and Argentina, are being considered by travelers. People are also opting for smaller resorts, with more privacy and one that caters for their individual needs.

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