How to write a resume that will impress a tentative employer

The importance of having an impressive resume

If you are looking for a new position or even that very first job then you will know that your resume will have to make you stand out. Most recruiters receive dozens if not hundreds of applications for any position and they need to be able to quickly review those resumes to see if they meet their needs. Often a recruiter will spend less than 30 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding if the owner of the resume should be invited to an interview. So you really do need an impressive resume that is going to quickly show the recruiter that you fully meet their needs quickly and clearly. The following are some tips to help you to ensure that your resume is written in the best way possible.

What to write in an impressive resume

Many people use the same tired resume and shoot it off to hundreds of different jobs without any thought as to if the resume actually meets what the recruiter is looking for. If you want an impressive resume that is going to get the recruiters attention than it needs to be tailored perfectly to match the job to which you are applying. This ensures that your resume will show the recruiter that you perfectly match their needs:

  • Carefully review the job advert to highlight the most important skills and experience they are looking for
  • Review the company or institutions web sites to identify what they value in an employee and what their aims are
  • Match your skills and experiences to their specific requirements
  • Rewrite your resume to reflect those specific requirements

While you want the recruiter to clearly see that you meet their needs precisely do not make it look as though you have just taken their job advert and repeated it back to them.

How to write an impressive resume that will get the recruiter’s attention

Not only does your resume have to say the right thing it also has to present that information using a professional resume format that is going to get the right information seen quickly and effectively. Too often people try to cram their entire life and working history into their resume; most of this information can be discussed at the interview. The aim of your resume is to get an interview and that means clearly showing that you are qualified for the job by having the right skills and experience. To do this you will need to layout your resume to highlight the information that they are looking for:

  • Ensure that section titles are in bold and have clear space above and below to draw the eye
  • Put the most important and relevant information at the start of each section so that it is read first and not overlooked
  • Use an easy to read font such as Arial or Times Roman in size 12; do not use difficult to read scripts for any of your resume
  • Never use all Caps for any of your resume, you are not shouting
  • Do not use any decorations, dividers, or borders
  • Show your achievements, not just responsibilities. If possible quantify what you have achieved
  • Demonstrate skills with clear examples of how you have used them
  • Be concise and specific at all times; avoid any filler within your resume
  • Proofread your resume very carefully after writing to ensure that it is completely free of errors.

Use professional resume writing service

Most people stand to gain a huge amount when finding a new job so it is always worth considering using a professional resume writing service to create that impressive resume. Why struggle with writing your resume if you can have a highly skilled and very experienced resume writer craft your resume in a manner that is going to get you noticed. So if you need a truly impressive resume just contact a trustworthy resume writing service.

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