6 Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Luxury Master Bedroom

Having a luxury master bedroom is a wonderful idea if you want to invest in this important part of your home. Here are six top tips for creating the perfect luxury master bedroom.

With social media, interior design magazines, blogs and vlogs, we have constant access to images of luxurious master bedrooms. Maybe they belong to a celebrity, perhaps they are part of a luxury hotel, or maybe they belong to a top designer, either way, their gorgeous tranquil, detailed design is inspiring.

If you’re inspired by luxury bedrooms, you’re not going to be able to get those awe-inspiring views and change the view from your room without moving house, but you can certainly recreate the luxurious design and feel whatever the size, shape and location of your bedroom. Here are six top tips to help you create a luxury master bedroom in your own home:

1.   Make Comfort A Priority

Although it might seem tempting to spend more on aesthetics than on aspects of the room that will add to your comfort, like better sheets and pillows, it really isn’t a good idea as your room will look great but it won’t be comfortable. Make your comfort a priority when selecting your mattress, pillows, sheets and quilt. You can’t put a price on good sleep.

2. Use Clever Design To Add Visual Effects That Aren’t Naturally There

You might have a room without a view, in which case you could invest in ‘scenery wallpaper’ for one wall, such as a forest or Mountain View. You could also disguise the view you do have with blinds and instead dress the window itself with beautiful heavy curtains, so that the focus is on the window, not on what is outside of the window.

3. Avoid Cluttering The Room

Luxury is about the detail and the focus on exquisite statement pieces, not on adding loads of ornaments and unnecessary pieces. A great luxury bedroom still has quality sleep at its heart, so clutter is not a good idea. Make sure you take time choosing everything that goes in the room carefully so that everything has a purpose, and lends itself to an overall luxury aesthetic.

4. Lighting Is Really Important

Lighting is so important in luxury bedrooms because, natural light makes it look bigger in the day, and in the evening you might want soft lighting to enjoy the space before sleeping in the dark. Try and apply multiple styles of lighting across the room, perhaps recessed floor lighting in your floor tiles in your ensuite, dimmable wall lights and attractive lamps. You might even want to invest in a ‘wakeup’ light to aid better sleep.

5. Can You Install An En Suite?

Ensuites really do come hand in hand with luxury master bedrooms. If you think you have room to have one installed, it is a great idea and will certainly add value to your property especially if it is a well-fitted bathroom with good fittings and fully tiled with porcelain wall tiles and floor tiles. If you have an even bigger budget to splash, you could install a standing rolltop bath or even jacuzzi bath in the bedroom for ultimate luxury.

6. Connected Living

Make sure that your bedroom is as connected as it can be to technology. Modern technology is an important part of luxury these days, so any connected tech you can install into the bedroom, especially types to make life more convenient, you should install.

Remember, luxury doesn’t have to mean a big budget. Of course if you have a big budget you can enjoy spending it, but a gorgeous luxury room comes down to a lot of thought, planning and design so take your time and enjoy yourself, the payoff is going to be a truly beautiful space or sleeping.

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