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What Is The Difference Between Traditional And Trenchless Repair

Hiring some drain cleaning services can be easy but choosing a method for cleaning purpose can be difficult sometimes. There are some differences between both traditional and trenchless repair methods explained in this post.

Things to know about Trenchless Repair

  1. Technique

Sewer cleaning companies can work according to the method which you choose. In traditional repair methods, the system that is having the issues is dug up and removed. After that, a brand-new system in place of the old one is installed. Whereas in trenchless repair method, the repair process is of two types i.e. pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Pipe lining – When a pipe line is damaged, a pipe that is flexible enough is inserted and is filled with resin which hardens and forms a new pipe.

Pipe bursting – In the cases where drain clogging have been burst, a whole new pipe is inserted into the old one. The old one then gets fractured and is removed.

  1. Excavation

When you hire a team from drain cleaning services, you can ask them whether the method which you would choose requires excavation or not. For example, talking about traditional repair method, it needs to be excavated. Excavation can result in the demolishment of your house’s driveway or garden or of any building or landscapes. While on the other hand, trenchless repair method does not require excavation and can repair the sewer more easily.

  1. Cost

Trenchless repairs can be expensive than traditional repairing. It mainly depends on the sewer cleaning companies that you hire but using traditional method would require a heavy amount of digging and a lot of it needs to be repaired and are paying the same drain cleaning services to do it. Also, the excavation can be added up to the cost if you choose that and then restoring your house to the way it was. Trenchless repair is more cost effective.

  1. Approach

Traditional repairs are not usually considered by people. It can be messy, and it can take a lot of time to complete and there are lots of other problems associated with it. The drain cleaning services usually avoid it on their own. Trenchless sewer cleaning is on the rise due to the unhectic and a different approach than normal. People are beginning to choose this approach despite it being a bit pricy. Trenchless approach does not involve in any destruction of your garden, house, walls or ceilings and it does not stop any activity you may be doing.

  1. Durability

Traditional repair and trenchless repair differ with respect to the materials used and technique of repair otherwise, in terms of durability both types are of same strength and permanence. It would completely be your choice that which method you want for the cleaning of your drains and sewer.

  1. Suitability

You might encounter some situations where either of the two types would be the only option for example, there might arise an issue for which traditional repair can only work and would require excavation or there can be issues that can be fixed by trenchless repair only. The drain cleaning services would help you to figure out the problem and its solution easily and fix it according to the method required. It is really important to hire a qualified team or a plumber from these companies so that you would be guided correctly to the most suitable technique.

  1. Time

Total time taken by the whole procedure is different for both the methods. Depending upon how much the damage is, traditional repair procedure would complete in a couple of days or even a week or more. The main reason for longer time taken by traditional repair is the process of excavation and the following cleanup which is usually done by the builders or plumbers. Whereas, trenchless repair is a quick procedure which is completed within 1 to 3 days max of clean up including the inspection.

Before choosing any method or hiring a plumber or team from sewer cleaning companies westchester NY, you should know the differences between them as well so that you can make correct decisions. Don’t forget to share every single detail with the one you hired in order to get the perfect results.

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