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What are the 4 different categories of sewer and drain line repair?

With the advancement of technology, plumbers or contractors use advanced methods of conducting sewer line repair. Previously, there was only excavation which was used to get to the leaking or damaged pipe. This process of excavation was expensive and time consuming. Now, one can see immense advancement in the field of sewer repair in the form of CIPP lining. When the problem in the pipe was major, the contractor had to dig through the surface while leaving space to get to the problem area. This took a lot of time and effort. In the current times, repair procedures are powerful and eliminate the waste of time.

What is CIPP?

CIPP is the product which is employed while repairing the pipe. It is cured in place pipe which is used for the relining procedure. By using this way, the existing pipes get reinforced and there is also no need to make any major pipe replacement despite pipes being worn out. With the CIPP, the pipe acquires strength which is much desired and one avoids additional charges also.

How to do CIPP lining?

The contractor makes use of PVC to seamlessly reline the pipe system. With the CIPP sealant, divots and cracks are sealed that may be causing issues when it comes to structural integrity. But then, before doing the exact procedure, the professional uses hydro jet cleaning to make sure there is no debris or dirt. If there is any dirt or debris, it will cause problem with the sealant. Pressured steam moves through the pipe and CIPP lining is applied. If the pipe is weak, this will not work.

Pipe bursting process

If there is the need to replace the entire sewage system, this pipe bursting technique is used. The plumber makes a small hole at the beginning and the end section of the damaged pipe. Then he feeds the thick cable while the bursting tool is attached by him. The old pipe is taken out and the new pipe is installed.

Moling procedure

Here the machine is used with pneumatic technology. The pipe gets laid in the hole without any need to tear off the landscape.

The pull in place lining

The sewer line and the pipe can show small leaks anytime. The plumber will install the pull in place lining and will not replace the entire pipe.

All the techniques are adopted by drain contractor ny so that minimum disruption is caused. He can also use inversion lining to repair the sewer lines.

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