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Top 10 Women’s Health Tips

A woman’s health can’t be measured by her physical strength only. Her health lies in her healthy mind and soul along with the physical appearance to sleep disorders. So let’s check out how you can look and feel healthy by adapting simple routine.

Eat healthy

Know your food. Junking all the time increases health risks. Add fresh fruits, veggies and poultry to your food. Go colorful while choosing your eatables as every color contains unique antioxidant and vitamins to keep you healthy and fit.

Proper sleep

It is essential to take proper sleep and rest as it relaxes your body, mind and soul which are required to keep you happy and keep going. Lack of sleep can induce many psychological diseases. Your nervous system gets a boost when you take a sound sleep.

Stay positive:

Many problems and hassles can be solved easily if you are positive about life. Positivity enhances the ability of mind to tackle the bad situations and solve the problems of day to day life.

Love and pamper yourself

Loving yourself can bridge the any love gap of your life. Pamper yourself everyday don’t look for occasions. Take your own time in sipping your best tea. Compliment yourself! Say I love you while standing in front of the mirror. It helps in regenerating the cell growth in the body.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise keeps you fit and confident. So don’t miss out on a long walk or a gym session or your zumba routine.

Indulge in social activity

When you are socially active, your indulgence can give you experiences which educate you about so many fields of life and health is one of them. Having likeminded people around you can assure your good mental and physical health.

Avoid stress

Living a hectic life can add to stress levels which are the main reasons behind all the lifestyle diseases encircling the world in this era of fast pace life. Try to avoid unnecessary tensions. Don’t over think about future and let go of past.

Regular check-ups

After a certain age keep a check on your blood pressure and sugar levels. Schedule a full body checkup at least once a year and twice after a certain age.

Awareness of common diseases in women

Educate yourself about women specific diseases like cervical cancer, osteoporosis etc. Go for regular tests recommended by your doctor, as prevention is always better than cure. Self breast examination and pap smears should be done regularly.

Breathe properly and meditate regularly

Breathing properly can activate your parasympathetic rest-and-restore system of relaxing nerves. Meditating for 2-3 minutes daily can increase the flow of chi in your body and hence makes you healthy and happy

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