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The GM Weight Loss Diet Plan – 7 Days To A Slimmer Body

Vegetables can be an integral part of any weight loss diet plan. Vegetables are said to be rich source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. If you have a strong craving for non-vegetarian items, then you can include lean meat into the diet plan. However, we will be discussing here the vegetarian diet that’s often making headlines due to its highly effective end results.

Here comes the GM Diet Plan

The diet has a name – it’s popularly known as GM Diet. This diet plan is not designed only to lose weight but also a perfect way to maintain a slim and proportionate body stature. It also helps in enhancing the metabolism rate. Remember, the inclusion of vegetables and fruits help immensely in the reducing fat content from the body. The GM diet plan is favored and preferred by many celebrities from different corners of the world.

Benefits of GM Diet Plan

The tenure for this plan is 7 days. Practicing it will result in:

  • Losing 5-8 kg of weight in 7 days
  • Enhancing the skin quality to offer natural glow
  • Helps in reducing toxin content from the body
  • Reducing flab from the waist and tummy region

The GM Diet structure

  • Day 1: You need to consume only fruits. No matter what the proportion may be, but it must be only and only fruits. However, exclude banana, grape, mango, and litchi from the list.
  • Day 2: It is time to consume only vegetables in raw and boiled form. However, you can enjoy smashed potato with one tsp. of butter at the start of the day. But remember, the potato and butter segment should not be consumed again for the rest of the day.
  • Day 3 should be a combination of 1 and 2.
  • Day 4 should find you consuming only milk and bananas.
  • Day 5: Enrich your diet with the inclusion of tomatoes. You can have soup, bread, rice, or anything but lots of tomatoes is essential.
  • Day 6 will be similar to Day 5 with the exclusion of tomatoes from the list.
  • Day 7 will also be a combination of Day 5 and Day 6. Here, you can enjoy fruit juice. Remember, fruit juice should not be including in the first 6 days of the plan.

Follow this effective diet for weight loss and results are bound to happen. However, brisk pace jogging or some kind of workout activities are recommended during this seven days to achieve faster results.

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