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Restless leg syndrome – a disease affecting your leg

Restless leg syndrome may seem to emerge like a simple leg pain, but it is not as simple as it may seem. It differs greatly from simple leg pain. With a simple pain on your legs you might not want to move your legs in order to feel better. Alike such pains, restless leg syndrome is a disease where you would feel an intense urge to move your legs rapidly, this pain becomes more and more– when an individual  try to get relief from it. The pain may get worst during night and patient may start facing any sleeping disorder.

One must now know about the symptoms of RLS for better understanding.

Symptoms of restless leg syndrome

RLS though may not have any direct symptoms but is associated with conditions leading to RLS.

  • It produces a deep urge to move your leg. It is mainly because of the fact that your legs feel uncomfortable.
  • You may feel like experiencing some electrical shocks on your legs. This is yet another and important symptom that accounts for the disease of restless leg syndrome.
  • The affected person may also experience excessive itching. This adds to the restlessness and causes irritation to the affected person.
  • You may at times feel that your legs are on pins. It adds to your discomfort to a huge extent.
  • You may also experience a ‘pull’ in your legs. It is most probably the worst part of the restless leg syndrome.

Healing of restless leg syndrome

The treatment to restless leg syndrome is not very tough to achieve. The easy way to initiate is to reduce smoking. The diminution of alcohol intake is also very effective to the treatment of the disease. The patient should also reduce on the drinking of coffee. The patient should also focus on exercising on a daily basis. This is expected to provide a great relief to the patient. Soaking the leg either with hot or with cold water, whichever comfortable to the patients, may extend them some relief. 3% of the population is likely to get affected by the Restless Leg Syndrome.

Thus, you can understand that it is a very small population that may get affected by the syndrome. Therefore, you must not confuse any other disease with this syndrome. As this trouble may also lead sleeping disorder, so it is important to visit a sleep study center germantown md where you would recieve a proper professional help.

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