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How To Protect Your Patio And Outdoor Furniture In Winter

Protecting patio and outdoor furniture during winters is more problematic situation for everyone to keep everything safe. It is recommended to connect with patio contractors who can guide you properly for taking necessary precautions. Below are few tips usually used by these professionals for safety.

Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly

It is important to clean your furniture thoroughly before winter strikes to ensure no remains are left there to cause any damage to the furniture. For instance, check for oxidation and rust as you will have to use a rust neutralizing primer to treat that place. You will also need to clean away any leftover food particles, dirt or mud stick to your furniture which may turn into mold or mildew afterwards.

Be Cautious with the Type of Furniture Material

You have to consider what material you have for the furniture as every material type follows different precautions during winters. For instance, if you have wooden furniture then make sure there is no moisture left after cleaning as it may freeze inside wood due to cool temperatures and cause it to crack.

Similarly, if you are using plastics which doesn’t get affected from moisture but the cooler temperature itself is very dangerous which may make plastic material brittle enough to crack in winters. However, you must take your furniture inside in case you have metal or aluminum material for your furniture as these materials can catch rust very quickly due to snow and rainfall.

Wrap Up Your Furniture

The best way to protect your outdoor furniture is to store it inside the garage or any other waterproof area if possible. But if you feel storing inside is not an option for you then you can also wrap it up with some plastic drop cloth to keep it safe from cold temperatures. There are some high end furniture manufacturers as well who provide customized outdoor covers so you can cover your furniture completely.

Store or Stack Your Chairs

As mentioned above, it is best to store your furniture somewhere inside and this is what we recommend for outdoor chairs as well. But again, if you do not have this option then what maximum you can do is to stack up all chairs so you can save as much space as possible plus you will also be able to save chairs from high winds. Also, try to move these stacked chairs under a shelter or shaded area or cover these chairs with any waterproof cover.

Keep an Eye on Your Furniture

So if you cannot store your outdoor furniture somewhere inside and have kept all of it outside then don’t forget to keep an eye on them during the winter months. You have to make sure the wrapped cover is still secured properly or water has not seeped into the cover due to any bad storm or weather conditions. Along with this, make sure to brush away all the snow stacked over your furniture as otherwise you will end up with damp and dirt building up all over.

Seal Your Patio

It is especially for paver patio where sealing is very important to keep it away from scraping and eroding before winter strikes your region. Also, it will help you to protect it from water or ice pieces seeping into the stones which may cause very serious damages to the patio. You can apply sealer onto the paver stones with the help of brush over the top and sides of stones. This will also help in preventing chances of slippage and you can assure having a strong patio at your home.

Clean Your Patio

After sealing the patio, the next important step is to clean it thoroughly which can be done better with a power washer in case of paver or stone patios. It is because power washing helps in getting rid of any dirt or stains easily giving almost a new look to your patio. And you have to be careful about one thing and that is avoid using metal shovel to remove snow during winters as it may cause breakage or serious damages to your patio. You can also contact your backyard patio builders Long Island who can guide you for proper cleaning methods which are especially required during winter season.

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