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How To Know That You Need Sewer Line Repair?

Most houses have one sewer line that carries the waste water through that is considered to be the main line, and a creak in any one of the branches depositing to it could mean trouble for you. It is best to get repairs done at the earliest convenience otherwise the problem starts to multiply and start springing up at a faster pace. Calling up a drain contractor and asking for sewer line repair is not the problem, how do you identify you need the repair is

This article aims to address that question for people who are confused in this regard by identifying the signs of damages to the sewer line.

  1. Sewage Clogs

These clogs can be identified if you have a lot of standing water every time you are finished with a bath, flush down the waste or simply see that the water is taking a lot of time to go down the sink. If simple methods such as pouring down vinegar and mild acids into the sink have failed to work, then there is definitely a clog and it is time for toilet cleaning tips.

  1. Foul Odor

A well designed sewer system should provide a clear pathway for the waste water to flow through smoothly, so a foul odor which you can identify to be sewer odor is usually an indication that there is a clog down there. If the frequency of the odor springing up is increasing, then you should check with a drain contractor.

  1. Molds and Crack

Molds usually need a humidity level more than 50% to grow, and if a sewer line has indeed leaked you will be able to see it growing on the ceiling after a few weeks. It will become very identifiable if the area around the mold starts leaking water, which could signal grave trouble.

Sewer line repair is also inevitable when you start seeing cracks on the walls or on the floor and you can trace the presence of a sewer line at the back. These cracks are also quite dangerous because the foundation of a building, especially an apartment, should be kept as rigid as possible.

  1. Insects and Rodents

This can also signal that your system needs sewer line repair. Rodents and some insects find the sewer to be ideal habitat for them to grow, and if there is a crack big enough for these nuisances to squeeze through, they do and start making your life annoying.

Although there are certain other reasons for such infestations, if you start seeing this problem along with some of the others highlighted above, it is a signal that the time for you to connect with your drain contractor has arrived.


There are other symptoms such as lush green patches in your garden which you have never seen before, but they depend on the kind of residence you have. Regardless of where you live, do not ignore these signs and get the problem (sewer line repair) sorted as your first priority.

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