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How effective is a drain snake when trying to clear a clogged sink?

Looking for tips for cleaning a clogged sink?

If neither cleaning the trap nor plunging clears a plumbing clog, then you might want to know as how effective is a drain snake when trying to clear a clogged sink. A drain snake tool which is usually ¼ inch thick with a handle on one end that works the opposite way that a plunger does. The snake needs to push into the clog and crank it to drive the snake farther into the obstruction. The parts of the clog break up and flush out the drain and help to gain access to the clog so that it can be pulled out. Some of the snakes fit as an attachment and give more force to pass through the clogs. These snakes are handy as they’re long enough to reach clogs that are deep within a drainpipe. For the best results to clear a clogged sink, go to hire professional drain cleaners. Read on to know how to clear a clogged sink with the help of a drain snake.

The first step in drain snake is preparation. Here, the clogged up drains needs to be filled with lots of water to as it helps in the proper functioning of the drain snake .Run hot water tap  into the drain pipes before inserting the drain snake as it gives lubrication to the drain and wash away all the remnants  as the drain snake  goes inside. For the best results, use non-slip gloves to get the grip of the drain snake.

A drain snake is one of the most effective drain cleaning tools.

The next step is to insert the corkscrew auger into the blocked area and then turn drain snake clockwise and make the snake turn downwards. In case, it becomes difficult to move the snake downwards then try to add more boiling hot water into the drain to lubricate the drain path. Keep moving the drain snake inside under the drain till you feel resistance to meet the clog.

Next, you have to turn the drain snake handle counter clockwise to make the corkscrew auger at snake into the clog. This leads thescrew to penetrate and removes the drain clog. If required, you can pull back the corkscrew and move it towards the back of the clog to clear material responsible for blockage. The professional drain cleaners come to know when the clog breaks up as the snake handle suddenly become easy to move.

But to get the best results, continue turning the drain snake handle counter clockwise as this will pull out the drain snake down up to the drain length. Give adequate flow of water into the drain to remove the entire residue from the clog of the drain system. The drain snakes become filthy and dirty and they have to be wiped up with a moist cloth, washing detergent and hot water.

All this proves that drain cleaning snakes are very effective to clear a clogged sink.

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