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Hiring The Wrong Slate RoofersAnd Other Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Slate Roofs

A slate roof comes with plenty of benefits. It’s easy to maintain and when you take good care of it, it will last for a long time. In some cases, over a hundred years. While many people want to install the roofs on their homes, they tend to make plenty of mistakes that lower the integrity of the roofs. Some people hire the wrong slate roofers, among many other mistakes that include:

Thinking that all slate roofs are the same

Just like cars and other things, the roofs come in differing colors, sizes, shapes, characteristics, thicknesses, longevities, mineral make-up, production styles, and many other things. For your roof to look great you should choose a material that looks great on your home.

If this the first time you are considering installing the roof, get the input of a professional who will help you out. As a rule of thumb avoid installing a material that isn’t ideal for the environment you are living in. You also should avoid a material that doesn’t accentuate the design of your house.

Failing to install a headlap

The headlamp is the amount of overlap that each roofing slate has with the slates. The industry recommends that you have a headlap of 3” although you can customize the size depending on the look you want to create.

Some homeowners don’t install the headlap which is often disastrous to the new roof. Failure to install the headlap comes about due to a lack of knowledge. Before you install the roof, take the time to research and find out all the parts that you should install. The last thing you want is missing a part that is integral to the durability of the roof.

Installing the flashing the wrong way

The role of the flashing is to prevent water from penetrating the slate roof. While many homeowners and contractors know the importance of the flashing, they often don’t install it the right way. What is the end result of this? An improperly installed unit that doesn’t do a good job at preventing water from penetrating the roof.

When you have an improperly installed flashing, you stand to have leaks on the roof which greatly reduces the life of the roof and even the ceiling.

For you to install a leak-proof flashing you need to be cautious of how you do it. Two of the ways of installing it include: fold and overlapping, and soldering. Foldedflashings are ideal when you are having positive slopes that don’t require soldering.

When the slope is too low to allow for easy control of the direction of the water by gravity, you need to install a soldered flashing. When installing the soldered flashing, you should think about the expansion and contraction of it.

Failure to hire a consultant

The last thing that homeowners think about when installing the roof is a consultant. Many people have the notion that they need to be installing a commercial roof for them to hire a consultant to help them out, but this isn’t the case.

Regardless of the size of your project, it’s important that you hire a consultant to help you out. Since the expert has been around for a long time, he/she will know the right materials that will look great on your roof.

Even when the project is progressing, it’s the role of the consultant to visit the site and check whether everything is running smoothly.

When you are having a slate roofing project, don’t simply hire a contractor to install the roof. Also, hire a consultant. While the consultant will cost you some money, it will be worth it as you will end up installing the roof professionally.

Using poor sheathing materials

Some people will pay a lot of attention to the type of materials they use on the roof, but they won’t care about the sheathing materials. This is wrong. The materials that you choose for sheathing should last as long as the roof.

Some of the tried and proven materials are lumber boards and patterns that vary from ¾” to1.5” thick. Slate roof repair Riverside CT professionals warn against the use of substandard materials such as plywood, particle boards, and laminated woods.

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