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Can a sleep center treat chronic insomnia?

Insomnia is defined as a problem in which a person find it difficult to sleep. It is one of the common sleeping disorders and more common in elderly people. Insomnia is of three types-transient, acute and chronic insomnia. Transient insomnia exists for few days and leads to changes in sleep patterns. Acute insomnia lasts for less than a month and chronic continues for more than a month or even longer period. Symptoms include anxiety, headache, fatigue and depression.

What causes insomnia?

There are so many factors that lead to insomnia like stress, financial crunch, official issues and other personal issues. In some cases, insomnia seems to run in families also and around 35% of people suffer from this problem due to hereditary factors. An inconsistent lifestyle also aggravates the problem of sleep. Some people find it difficult to sleep after consuming caffeinated beverages as the presence of caffeine prevents to fall asleep. In some cases, insomnia can also be caused by the use of some medicines like decongestants, use of steroids and painkillers.

Chronic Insomnia and its effects on your well being

Chronic insomnia often considered as the first sign of depression and most of the people doubt on can a sleep center treat chronic insomnia? The answer is a clear yes as studies indicate that certain dietary changes and advice of sleep center helps to treat chronic insomnia. Professional advisers at sleep center prevent the aggravated form of insomnia as people are more likely to develop panic and other psychiatric disorders. Apart from this, insomnia affects our life mentally and physically. It not only affects the overall health but seriously affects our personal and professional life as well.

However, only a change in eating habits won’t cure insomnia but certain changes in your diet definitely helps to improve sleep and reduce the problem of insomnia. Foods like yogurt, milk, banana, whole-grain breads, figs and turkey containing tryptophan (a type of amino acid) reduces the effects of insomnia. The presence of complex carbohydrates in whole-grain bread, pasta, cereal increases the production of melatonin and serotonin and improves sleep cycles.

The action to cure chronic insomnia should be taken at right time. Consult a sleep specialist in Leasburg VA and do not keep thinking on can a sleep centre treat chronic insomnia as the treatment at the right time definitely helps to improve health and live a better life. The useful advice given by sleep centres like turning your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary, changes in eating habits and lifestyle, use of natural remedies will definitely help to cure chronic insomnia.

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