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An Unhappy Relationship With Your Darling Can Make You Seriously Ill

In this busy world of hectic schedules, misunderstandings happen very often between couples and give birth to frustration, anger and distrust, hence lead to dissatisfaction, unhappiness and finally stress on personal and social front.

Is bad relationship interfering with your health?

Unhappiness in your relationship can cause you serious damage. It can lead to severe health conditions. Different researchers around the world believe that the stress caused by the sadness in your heart can make you a host of so many life threatening diseases. You can come under serious depression and it can become very hard to come out of it. The anxiety of unsaid words can cause you high blood pressure. Your heartache can go out of bound and cause you a heart attack for real, because according to some scientists the stress encourages smoking and drinking which in turn can increase the level of stress hormones, which are the biggest culprits in increasing your blood pressure which leads to heart attacks.

An unhappy relation can literally erase some years from the calendar of your life. It can make you emotionally unstable and minimize your capability of taking decisions or judging the situation by harming your nervous system. Stress gives you insomnia as you can’t stop thinking about the situation you are in.  So when it can harm and hurt you so much, why can’t you stay happy? Let’s try to find out.

Filling the void – dealing with bad relationship

Bad moves generally start from a little misunderstanding. And because of the ignorant behavior and fake inner passivity we wait for things to get better on their own. This creates a bigger void and that’s how stress start taking over your mind and body, Lack of communication adds feathers to it, when we don’t talk, when we don’t express our feelings, we kill the chances of repair and then we start feeling pity on our own self and get addicted to this feeling which makes us gullible to the evil and sadness.

Deepen your communication! First and foremost, talk and try to talk more to find the root problem, share as much as you can for him. Let him share his jokes of the day and listen patiently about how his day went, encourage him to share his feelings on anything and everything in the world. Let him feel your need on a daily basis. Don’t just say those three magic words from top; let them come out from the bottom of your heart. Allow him to live his life the way he wants and take some time off for yourself also. Indulge in exercise, yoga, meditation or anything which makes you physically and emotionally active and stress free. But if nothing works, please take a professional help because it’s not only the relationship which can die but it’s you and your health which is at stake.

Eat healthy, manage your life and relationship with a positive attitude, read more women’s articles  and live happily ever after.

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