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Women moving to panama – A place to enjoy

Panama is a Central American country that offers wonderful natural beauty and rich local culture to explore. It borders two seas, Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Most people have heard of Panama Canal but it is just a very small (although important) part of it. Panama has beautiful beaches; mountains with lush forest cover and clean environmental friendly cities.

More and more women are planning retirement in Panama. The reason being Panama is about life. It’s not about what you have become or what you have achieved in your life. It’s about how you are living your life. It’s not about chasing, it’s about enjoying.

For a women travelling to a foreign country, safety is very important. Travelling in a group is the best solution. It will keep you safe. You have to pay less because cost will be shared by the whole group. Group travel is the best way to explore the world without worrying about unnecessary things.

Reasons why you should retire in Panama

Better standard of living for less money

Cost of living in Panama can be quite less when compared to the US. Real estate prices in Panama are not overblown. Low cost apartments and house are easily available. You pay less for utility services like gas and telephone. Another major advantage of living in Panama is affordable health care.


The climate of panama is tropical. In most parts of the country temperature rarely goes above 30 degree Celsius. For a retiring person tropical climate is a boon. You don’t have to bear harsh winter season. The gloom of winters is also depressing for many individuals. Bright sunshine, Panama has plenty of it, keeps the depression away. Tropical weather is ideal for an active life as you don’t have to remain inside your house.

Meet with like minded people

Since Panama is fast becoming the most favored destination for retirees, you will meet with people of your age group. Thus, it becomes easier to make friends. You can spend long hours chatting with your friends or going on mountain trail with them


Panama is a safe country for women travelers. Since government want to encourage more and more people to live in Panama, safety and security of its citizens is a top priority for them.

So, if you are planning to move to Panama, don’t delay. It will be the best retirement gift that you can give to yourself.

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