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house flipping

Women are Naturals at House Flipping

You’ve seen the shows, you’ve listened to the infomercials, people will “flip” just about anything these days. Don’t get me wrong, house flipping has become a great business for me that is rewarding on multiple levels. The shows and the infomercials make it seem like it’s easy and anyone can do it. True, I think anyone can do what she sets her mind to doing. But, I think that success does come from having the right set of tools, too.

Women naturally have many of those tools. It’s just about honing those skills.

People Skills

Talking to potential sellers who say “Buy my house!”, showing a home, or talking to contractors about the project timeline. There is a huge need for strong communication skills. Sincerity, tact, clarity, these are all important elements of an effective communicator. This is a big key to making it all work.

Project Management

Find a house, fix a house, and sell a house. Rinse and repeat. It’s easy to get off target when implementing any of these 3 elements of house flipping, but when you keep to the task at hand, it is a beautiful thing!

Relationship Building

I enjoy talking to and getting to know every person I meet in the course of doing business. Each of the elements of house flipping is a big deal. When someone calls and says “I want you to buy my house,” I take that very seriously. Building a strong relationship that is based on trust and understanding, is priceless. This is the foundation of a lasting business.


Making a house beautiful is a labor of love. This is the “fun” part of the job. Whether it’s picking colors, updating a bathroom or redesigning the flow of a kitchen, making a house appeal to a potential buyer is the main goal. It’s such a pleasure to be able to take a house, see it’s internal beauty and bring it back to life. It doesn’t get much better than that!

What do all of these elements have in common? I believe that women carry the basic skill in each of these areas. Maybe some areas are stronger than others, but women have a natural breadth of ability that can be refined. Don’t get me wrong, all areas of house flipping require hard work, determination, and resilience. It’s not easy, but it’s very rewarding in many ways.

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