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energy efficient ac

When should I contact AC technician for Air Conditioning repair?

Air conditioner like other machines needs to be maintained on a regular basis. It has many components that can lead to wear and tear such as condenser, evaporator coil, compressor, thermostat, refrigerant, etc. There are many insignificant problems that can be easily fixed by yourself, but there are other problems that need local AC companies help.

Low refrigerant

If your Air Conditioner is blowing warm air it could be a sign of less refrigerant. Adding refrigerant to already low refrigerant may not be a solution because it could have been undercharged while installing or during leakage. A pro can add the right amount of Freon to fix the problem.

Electrical failure

Corroded wires and terminals are the most common Air Conditioner problems. It leads to frequent turning on and off of the system, making the compressor and fan to wear out. The switching on and off of the AC system can also be due to dirty condenser, evaporator coils and improper size of the AC. Changing a blown fuse or resetting the circuit breaker requires an experienced technician.

Blocked condensation line

This component is designed to collect water if the condensation drain becomes blocked. This problem occurs when insects build nests inside the drain and dirt gets accumulated. If the water is visible in the drip pan, blowing compressed air inside the pipe can eliminate mold and mild dew.

Frozen AC unit

Limited airflow due to dirty air filters, buildup of debris on coils and blower fan can lead to frozen AC unit. The cold air remains trapped inside the unit, thus freezing the coil if the fan is not working. The outside unit continues to run while the inside unit remains off. While you can clean the filters and debris, but replacing electrical parts require a qualified technician.

Calibrating the thermostat

If the thermostat is not calibrated properly and giving inaccurate temperature readings, a pro can solve it.

Faulty compressor or motor

If the condenser is not running, AC isn’t giving cool air, it could be due to faulty motor or compressor.

Inadequate cooling

If the unit is too small, it may have to be replaced with a larger unit. Call a professional.

Contact a qualified AC technician if you spot any of these problems as they have the experience, dexterity and tools to fix your air conditioner problems.

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