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What to Do Before You Ask for House Painting Estimates

It is important for homeowners to plan in advance to know how much they will spend for painting their house, especially since contractors may give different house painting estimates depending on their working schedule. If you live in a place with colder climate, you can save some cash if you ask for quotes during winter. The price of painting the same house might increase during fall and summer seasons when contractors tend to be the busiest. A quick education will tell you that house painters can have different approaches when dealing with a similar job. Being familiar with these approaches can help you identify the costs and let you do an intelligent evaluation of the house painting quote.

Exterior House Painting

Exterior house painting could be accomplished in several ways. There are house painters who choose to spray on the paint, while others rely on rollers or brushes for painting the same walls. Every technique has its own set of pros and cons. Contractors who use the spray method might be faster, yet often, these could create some mess when trim and windows don’t have any protection from the spray. Rollers can do a fast job with no mess, yet suited for painting concrete, brick, and stucco. The brushes are said to be the slowest application, yet experienced house painters will depend on them to get the best results, particularly on houses with clapboard and shingle or some siding materials.

Interior House Painting

The methods are almost the same with exterior house painting. Quicker jobs, most particularly in vacant and newly constructed properties where mess isn’t a big factor, might be spray-applied. The finer interior work can be accomplished with brushes and rollers. In every case, the painting contractor must protect furnishings and windows from any contact with paint. Remember that ruined windows and carpets with paints are the things you must not have to deal with.

The house painting estimate may depend on your preferred kind of paint. It includes both the quality of the color and paint. You need to take note that topnotch quality materials cost more. Decide in advance if you like a cut-rate work or first-class one.

With all of those tips in mind, consider approaching several house painting contractors and compare the costs. The professional painter nyc will give you an idea of the value and cost.

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