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Things to Watch Out for When Hiring a Pool Design Contractor

You probably heard several horror stories of people who made a wrong choice with their pool design contractor. From shoddy work, to expensive projects, and contractors who don’t show up on time, these stories are almost endless. If you want to save yourself from the unfortunate experiences of these people, take note of the following things to ensure a seamless completion of your project.


The best swimming pool contractor is one who has a reputation enough to speak for itself. The cream of the crop will have stellar endorsements from their previous customers. Every time a job is completed beyond or within expectations, customers will be more than happy to share their stories.


Creating a beautiful backyard pool is not a simple craft you can learn overnight. When it comes to custom pools, the art of construction and design can take a reasonable amount of time to perfect and master. The best pool contractor brings loads of experiences to the table. Even when a company is still new to the industry, look for some experience within the management or ownership group before you make the decision to hire.

The Working Process

A custom swimming pool should be a big deal not only for you but also for your pool contractor. Hire a contractor that provides a step by step process wherein your needs and requirements are put on top of the list. The process must start with a consultation that will help the contractor in determining your specific needs and wishes, and include a design phase way before the whole project continues on to construction.

During the construction of custom pools, a good contractor will give clients visual representations of the final design. It is a must that you check the design and ensure that this adheres to your wishes and needs before you give the pool contractor the go ahead to proceed.

Work Samples

A pool contractor must provide potential clients a copy or samples of projects they handled in the past. It is especially for the case of custom designed pools. When the contractor doesn’t present a work portfolio, don’t be afraid to ask why.

A Contract

Finally, don’t agree to a pool construction long island without preparing a legally binding contract which states all the responsibilities and rights in black and white. A reliable pool masonry contractor will never proceed without putting things into writing, and you must not, either.

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