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Some home remedies that one can try to control sleep apnea

Statistics show that there are about 18 million people in the US who suffer from sleep apnea problems. According to sleep apnea doctor the symptoms of this disease range from snoring to difficulty to difficulty in concentrating. If left untreated in a good sleep center this disease can lead to blood pressures, congestive heart failures and even depression. Such patients must invariably undergo sleep study and undergo proper treatment. In the meanwhile such patients can start some home remedies which I am going to discuss below.

Sleep apnea

Snoring while sleeping is the most important problem reported by patients to a sleep apnea doctor. Keeping special pillows for such patients will help in reducing the snoring. The pillow restrains the patient from sleeping on his back and allows sleeping on his side. Sleeping on side helps the tongue to keep away from the throat thus keeping it open and not producing snoring sound.

Oral appliance

This is a mouthpiece used in a sleep center. Wearing it keeps the keep the jaw forward. Thus, the soft tissues are prevented from blocking the throat. For this purpose dental impression kits are available. Check before buying whether the kit you are going to purchase is approved by FDA.

CPAP machine

This is a special machine used at night by sleep apnea doctor to keep the nasal passage open during sleeping. It consists of a mask that covers the nose of the patient. The mask pushes air through the body keeping the air passage open. Some machines have masks that cover both nose and mouth. Select the one which is more comfortable and best fitting. The advantage is that the insurance company pays the cost if the patient can produce a prescription from sleep apnea doctor.


These are special gadgets that help to return moisture in the air thereby keeping the mouth free from dryness, nasal congestion and snoring.  Doctors in sleep study centers recommend the usage of distilled water in humidifiers and changing them at frequent intervals to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria etc. They also recommend making the machine completely dry before they are disconnected.

Nasal strips

Nasal strips are easy and affordable method of medication for sleep disorder clinic md. The patient can simply peel the strips and place them above the nose to keep the respiratory tract open. For proper sticking of the strip, the patient has to clean and dry the nose before attempting to stick it on to the nose.

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