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Window Treatments


One of the oldest oriental rugs is Persian Rugs. These are finest rugs in the range of available rugs. Persian’s best level of quality delivers best rugs and carpets in all around the world. This creates the value for these Persian rugs.


Handmade rugs are more durable

If you are looking to buy Persian rug, you need to check if it is handmade or not because machine made rugs generally lack durability, originality as well as investment. Machine made rugs cannot be said as oriental rugs. They can be used just for floor covering. No doubt, handmade rugs take eight to twelve months to complete one rug while machine made rugs are ready in minutes. Moreover, machine made rugs are not so expensive as compared to hand made, but investing on handmade Persian rugs is an opportunity while buying.

To check if the rug is handmade or machine made, a person needs to do is turn the rug upside down and check the pattern. If the pattern is clear as it is on the face then it is handmade, if not then it is machine made. Then bend the rug so that they expose the roots at the base. If the knots are seen then the rug is surely handmade and it can be purchased. If the design is clean then the rug is made of best quality material. All the weavers who make these Persian rugs use similar methods as well as materials. They need to work for long hours. There are two types of knots. These carpets and rugs are made my single knot. The oriental Persian carpets are made of wool, cotton, jute, animal hair and silk. The most often used material for making rugs is wool and cotton.


Rugs reveal the history

These Persian rugs are said as antique. This would reveal the hidden history as well as traditions of past years. The general flowers and geometric figures are symbolized in such a way that they become mysterious. The colors and shapes used on this carry different meaning with them. People believe that all the symbols and colors used on these ancient rugs will protect the owner from evil and bring good fortune for them. These rugs are the work pieces of art and luxury designs; they make the house comfortable and unique. These Persian antique rugs va are unbeatable in terms of decorative appeal and are best for the interior decorations.

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