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Car Insurance Claim

How to make a Car Insurance Claim?

Earlier the process of making a car insurance claim was a tedious one. If you had a car accident, then you had to rush to your broker and fill out a form for making the claim, then you had to obtain an estimate for the repairs from 2 or 3 garages. Once this was done and your form was sent off to the car insurance firm, you had to await their reply and possibly have your car inspected by an individual belonging to the firm. After that once the repairs were approved, you could go ahead and repair your car.

Lately, the procedure for making a claim has been revolutionized, primarily due to the advent of the internet. Thus, there has been a significant increase in the speed, at which service is delivered. Thus, if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy and suffer from an accident, you simply have to call the car insurance company on their 24 hour helpline. Once this is done, your vehicle will immediately be towed off to the nearest repairer that has been authorized by the company.

Here, the approval of the repairs is automatic and you do not have to wait for any reply from the company. Also, you will be given a courtesy car by the company that you can use until your vehicle is back from the repairer.

Once you are back, you should make a report of the accident to the car insurance company. Chances are that they have already been intimated about it by the repairer as well as the recovery service. During the phone call, you officially lodge your claim. After this, the procedure varies from firm to firm. Some will require you to fill out a form stating the details of the accident, while others may simply jot them down while conversing with you on the phone.

You can also report the accident by using the internet. You can send them a mail giving all the necessary details or fill out the form that may be available on the firm’s website.

After all this is done, you should await correspondence from the firm regarding your claim. If they see no inconsistencies in your report, your claim will be paid off immediately; else further details will be sought for.

Thus, the process of making the claims is simple and if you have any problems with the same, the call center personnel will guide you through it.

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