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How To Lay A Brick Patio – Tips And Tricks

Patio contractors suggest to enjoy the outside sunshine by relaxing on your brick patio. Brick patio is pretty simple – As the name “brick” indicates, you pretty much have to lay all the bricks. But, it is tricky. A small error deviation might make your patio go from flawless to being worthless.

Choosing The Location

Choosing the right type of location matters because brick patios are all about style and grandeur. Most people try to have them installed in their back porches or the front courtyard of the house.

When choosing a location for laying brick patio, make sure that the place is all even. Dig out the area to a depth of 8 inches and keep space of about ¼ inch per running foot to allow safe passage for drainage water. Alternatively, you can consult a brick patio contractor for optimum results.


You can make brick patios in all kinds of designs but the easiest and the most popular ones are rectangular shaped. Patio contractors tell a shortcut of having the perfect rectangle, try to measure “diagonals” from two different sides. If both diagonals are equal in length, you have a rectangle.

Laying The Bricks (The Testing Scenario)

After the location has been chosen and initial measurements have been taken, REMEMBER to add extra two inches along the perimeter, for insertion of brick edging. The idea is to ensure a rectangular area. Lay them shoulder – shoulder and tap them into the place with the help of a rubber mallet.

Pouring Crushed Stones Over Test Area

The extra two inch readings you took earlier and laid bricks on a test area. That was not the final version of a brick patio. Remove the bricks and pour crushed stones on the block of framed area to about 4 inches depth.

Patio contractors recommend to allow the stone to settle. If you want to take care of potential weeds, it is recommended to lay down a landscape fabric. Pour 2 inches of sand over the landscape fabric. The screed used should be of 2×4.

Laying The Bricks (The Actual Scenario)

Brick patio contractors advise to start from one side of the rectangle, run the screed along the sand. When you will level the sand, excessive sand will be redistributed towards lower areas and then, it will be a time for actual brick laying.

Just like the testing case, start laying the bricks. Lay them shoulder – shoulder and tap them into the place with the help of a rubber mallet. It is important to know that all bricks are not of same size. If you are too much cautious about the size of bricks, you can always opt for “Basket weave pattern”

Basket Weave Pattern

This design doesn’t cost you to cut bricks. Avoiding cutting bricks will save you time, money and frustration. Once the brick laying has been done, run a mason’s line across the forms. It will serve as a guide to indicate evenness.

After laying the bricks, spread some sand over and try to lower it inside the brick cracks with the help of a broom. Gently use a water hose so that sand is settled between the cracks.

Our Advice

While you can use the above method for formulating a brick patio. But, if it seems difficult, you can always acquire the help of a professional brick patio contractor long island.

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