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How to do Care of Baby’s Teeth

Are you aware about the fact that caring of baby’s teeth is important?

Each and every part of baby is sensitive and need proper care. From which teeth of baby is the part which starts appearing after sometime of his birth. Within few years baby has complete set of his teeth. Care of baby’s teeth start when its first tooth starts appearing in his mouth. The question must arise in every parent’s mind how to do care of his baby’s teeth. Here we help you in finding appropriate answer of your question which also helps your baby keep away from dental problems and cavities.

Start caring for baby’s gum before first tooth comes in mouth

Caring of baby’s gum doesn’t involve brushing of gums with any toothbrush or toothpaste. Like other parts of body, baby’s gums are also very soft and sensitive. Take care of baby’s gum by-

  • Cleaning gently baby’s gum with moistened and soft wash cloth
  • Wrapping gauze on index finger and clean baby’s gum gently and carefully
  • Wipe your baby’s gum gently at least two times in a day this help in removing bacteria or other sweeteners from baby’s mouth
  • Don’t forget to wipe your baby’s gum after giving him feed and before baby’s bed time

Caring of baby’s first tooth

Within the age of 1 baby’s first tooth starts appearing in his mouth which needs proper care as a complete set of teeth required. Caring of baby’s first tooth involve

  • Start using toothbrush that is specially manufactured for babies. While choosing toothbrush make sure:
  • Bristles of brush should be soft that cannot harm your baby’s gum or tooth
  • Head of brush should be small so that it can move inside baby’s mouth properly
  • Handle of toothbrush should be large so that you or your baby can hold it properly while brushing
  • Since cleaning teeth with a toothbrush is a new experience for baby then at initial stage use just a wet toothbrush for cleaning a tooth
  • After 2-3 days make use of toothpaste just about the size of rice grain to clean your baby’s teeth
  • Brush your baby’s teeth twice a day properly from outside and inside of mouth, also clean tongue to remove bacteria and prevent baby from bad breathe.
  • When bristles of your baby’s toothbrush start splayed or worn then this is the time to replace your baby’s toothbrush with new one
  • When your baby is younger enough to hold the toothbrush then help him in teaching the way how to brush teeth properly.
  • Make sure your baby is brushing his teeth under your supervision until he mature enough to clean his teeth without your help and assistance

Visit at Dentist clinic for regular checkups of baby’s teeth

  • Visit to dentist or dental clinic is really important for better oral health. It is good to make your first visit at Pediatric Dentist either at your baby’s first birthday or after six month of erupting your baby’s first tooth.
  • Keep checking if there is any sign of tooth decay in baby’s mouth. If you noticed any white spot or brown spot on your baby’s teeth then arrange a dental visit.
  • Dentist can help you in giving advice for your baby’s teeth care, fluoride, teething and thumb sucking by baby
  • Let your pediatric dentist know about the amount of fluoride you given to your baby also if your baby was undergo any other general oral treatment from your health adviser then you must communicate about this with pediatric dentist.

It is really not possible to follow each and every step mentioned above to care of baby’s teeth. But by following few of them can help your baby leading to a healthy oral health. Many of you parents are already following few of steps for carrying your baby’s oral health by adding 1 or 2 steps of caring can help your baby in keeping away from oral problems for long time.

Have you started caring your baby’s teeth? If not then today is the right time to give your baby healthy oral health. Care your baby’s teeth and help removing every sign of oral problem from his life.

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