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How The Internet Can Empower Women To Lead Healthy Lives

Our extremely connected lives cannot seem to shake the pull of the internet. At home, high speed wireless internet surrounds us and allows us to use our devices throughout the house and keep us connected 24/7. The power of the internet can be used to connect with your family and friend via social networking sites and stay on top of the news, but it can also be used to get up and get moving!

The web is full of quality fitness sites dedicated to keeping you active and healthy. Many women have been choosing a healthier lifestyle and have decided to do something about America’s health! According to Cedric Bryant, a doctor from WebMD, “Women may be more apt to take part in group activities because they’re interested in the social aspects of working out and because they feel more comfortable in a gym when they’re with other people.” However, women generally work out less than men, with most citing lack of time as a reason.

This is where the internet comes in! When you are at home, you can easily spare 10-20 minutes of your day to make way for a short burst training session. Many websites like Daily Burn and Fitness Blender allow you to simply following along with the trainers on the video and get a high calorie burning workout in a short amount of time. It has become increasingly easy to workout at home monitor your progress using smart watches, dongles and smart scales, which can connect to your phone via WiFi technology.

But the connected benefits don’t stop there; nutritional health plays a large role in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Women have been exploding the internet with healthy recipes on sites like Pinterest, All Recipes and Big Oven. It has never been easier to learn new recipes and cooking styles to help you and your family remains healthy. Many of these sites even have recipes dedicated to keeping your kids healthy, but still letting them have some old favorites like mac and cheese and chicken tenders.

Free yourself from the reigns of gyms, memberships, nutritionists and personal trainers! Do some research online about which workouts are best for you and take a relatively small amount of your day (10-30 minutes) to invest in your health. Most of you already have an internet service provider at home and if you don’t there are plenty of great plans and pricing to get you connected to the web.

Many women tend to think that they can’t afford eating well or working out at a gym. We strongly encourage them to learn how to work out on their own, at home, using the popular fitness websites and learn how to cook cheap and inexpensive meals at home using recipes from Pinterest users. Not to mention the not often thought about secret, where you save $20-$50 a month from not paying a gym membership. That money can be put to better use buying an internet service, healthier, organic foods for your home and purchasing small fitness equipment like yoga mats, weights and bands to use during your workouts.

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