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water damage

Handling water damage and mold issues

Anybody who has had water damage in home or office knows that there is more to the story than just letting it dry by itself. If the water is not drained and treated properly, it can result in growth of mold and mildew (similar to black mold). Molds can be toxic in nature and lead to indoor air pollution. Broken pipes, flood, malfunctioned appliances, blocked drains can lead to water damage. If facing water damage for the first time, then you might be at loss when it comes to taking measures and seeking help.

What should I do after water leakage?

  1. Turn off the main water valve. It is important that every family member should know the location of the main water valve.
  2. Turn off the power or natural gas in case of a severe water damage.
  3. Move the furniture to a dry place. Remove the carpets and rugs. Remember, the dyes in the carpets can stain the floor and probably shrink when left to dry.
  4. Use vacuum to dry the floor or you can mop or sponge the place too.
  5. Ensure that the wet areas are well ventilated. During summer, switch on the air conditioning to speed up the drying process and in winters, keep the windows open.
  6. In case of wall damage, remove the wall paintings or any artwork on the wall.
  7. Open the cabinets and drawers to dry them up.

What should I completely avoid?

  1. Do not use electrical appliances, such as television as it can cause severe
  2. Never use heat to dry a wet area as it can lead to mildew or the moisture can spread to dry areas in the room.
  3. Do not leave wet bricks in the same place, keep it for drying.

Repainting the affected mold area is an excellent option. Allow it to dry and repaint with a color that matches your floor. To treat mold affected carpets and certain furniture, try anti-mold sprays. It is better to treat molds at an early stage, but a professional can handle it better. Understand the remediation process from the specialist mold removal Allen Park Michigan . Some of their services should include:

  • Removal of water
  • Drying and dehumidifying
  • Sanitization and disinfection
  • Removal of all types of molds
  • Remodeling and repairing structures

You can also contact local professionals to help you and treat water damage Allen Park Michigan and mold removal in your home or office is to hire a trained and licensed water damage and mold remediation specialist.

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