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personal trainer

Got no time for exercise?

Got no time for exercise? 8 tools for getting it done.

I am a personal trainer from Kings Langley, North London and I’m going to show you how you can fit in your training schedule to your busy life… no more excuses!


If you unexpectedly had to pick your child up from school, you’d move everything around to make it happen. Schedule in your sessions as if they were a meeting with the President! What’s more important that staying healthy? A great quote: “Those that spend their health on their wealth will ultimately spend their wealth on their health.”


If you’re busy working at the office all day, do it in your office! If you move from one place to another, do a leg of the journey on foot, or by bike. There are many excellent ways of doing a workout without going anywhere. Breathing is an exercise you can do anywhere and it can work your whole body!


Is it just time that’s preventing you? Consider that you may have a pain you’re ignoring that’s exacerbated by exercise – go see a Physio! Or maybe you just don’t have the energy for it? Check your diet and hydration levels. They form the foundations of your energy levels!


If you’re into Tech, grab yourself some of the funky wearables that are on the market. They’ll track what you’re doing and keep you inspired to move. The FitBit and Jawbone Up are amongst the best but of course, you could wait for the Apple Watch, coming in the new year!! Motivate!

Are you competitive?

Then plan for an event and train with other people. If you’re more about interpersonal development, then try meditation and breathing exercises prior to your scheduled session to reconnect with your body’s energy and drive.


If your time is limited, get it done quick! High Intensity Training gets you the same gains as conventional length sessions (and sometimes extra too) in a fraction of the time. Try QuickGym on your iPhone, available of the App Store. It’s builds tailor-made HIT sessions, which adapt to your progress.


One way or another, track your progress. Even if you’re not doing anything. There isn’t much that’s more motivational than to have empirical stats on how your body-fat and belly are growing… On the flip side, if you see positive outcomes for your exertion, that will keep you going too.


It doesn’t have to be fitness training. Try doing a work-IN instead. Most people have so much stress in their lives already that a work-out is just another way to get beaten up! Be honest and ask yourself if a workout is really going to be of benefit. Frequently in our modern world the answer is no. Do a Yoga class, sit in quiet for just 2 minutes breathing deeply (imagine!)

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