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Diminishing Hillary Clinton Polls Spark Former Sec. Of State In New Hampshire

August’s headlines laid a brutal beating on Hillary Clinton polls in the extremely early run-up to the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Evidently, MSNBC reported Saturday, one headline after another fueling questions about private e-mail account and potential voters considering casting their support elsewhere had given Clinton all she could sit back and take.

With the New Hampshire primary growing larger on the horizon every week and rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders cutting sharply into her lead to the tune of six straight polls trailing the grassroots congressman in the Granite State by 10 percentage points on average, she took the stage before 4,000 New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention attendees and made her stand count. This is the election slogan.

 Clinton: “My Heart Is Just Racing”

Making a stand in a state where both she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton have historically dominated, Clinton let the adrenaline have its dance. “My heart is just racing, she said after two full minutes of continued applause. Addressing a state whose governor and senator have already thrown Clinton their endorsement, she went for the low-hanging fruit. It worked.

“I am sick of multi-millionaires paying a lower tax rate than a teacher or nurse. That is wrong,” Clinton declared in a speech that ran a full 45 minutes – far exceeding the usual 15 to 20 minutes granted to each candidate. “If you want a president who will listen to you, work her heart out to make your life better, to make a stronger better country, then you’re looking at her.”
The Opposition

Of course, Clinton isn’t exactly running unopposed. Convention-goers rained down applause on Sanders at every pause in his speech – especially when he tried to rap it up. If his own crowd support is any indication, he is hanging tough in this race for good reason. When he told supporters, “I’ve probably gone on too long and will get yelled at,” his backers in light-blue shirts waved their signs proudly and chanted “No!” right back.
Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley had the unfortunate task of being sandwiched between the two leaders’ speeches, but did his best to leave a lasting impression. For starters, he openly called out Donald Trump and other Republicans. He called for the DNC to be more proactive in establishing their own presidential debates. He also suggested a good reason he hasn’t benefited from the ground Clinton has lost to Sanders and potential candidate and current Vice President Joe Biden.
“I think in the early going of the summer, people in both parties gravitate to those candidates that are the most anti-establishment, candidates that sent the strongest message,” O’Malley later explained to MSNBC. “But neither party ends up nominating angry.

“This is America, we don’t coronate, we don’t hand out turns,” a video introducing O’Malley later said in an apparent jab at the Hillary Clinton electoral map to come. .


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