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Before supporting Donald trump know his vision and the reasons for supporting him

There is no doubt that Donald John Trump is the strongest contender of 2016 latest presidential polls, and going in a great pace to and giving a hard fight to the other democratic opponents like Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The rise of this famous TV personality is from a celebrated businessman to one of the strongest nominees in the upcoming presidential polls is just like a dream come true story.

This 1946 born republican leader is already famous in his circuit and also an international figure as well. His extrovert manner of speaking, extravagant lifestyle coupled with business activities and personal life already made him famous not only in the US but globally also. Though he is a new and fresh entrant in this political arena but not an unknown person altogether to the citizens of US.

Donald Trump visions                     

In the Donald Trump polls according to the results, he is one of the front runners in the polls and torch bearers of the republican brigade. The plans that he showcased and promised to fulfill to his fellow citizens of America may be the reason for his rise and being one of the most popular contestants in the presidential polls. Renegotiating the foreign deals and stop sending money to china, draw an end to the illegal trafficking of the Mexican into the USA, create more jobs only for the Americans, work hard to resolve the medical issues like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security “without cuts”, stop Iran from acquiring the nuclear weapons are some of the best laid plans of trump and possibly which make him so much famous in this year’s poll.

Why do you support trump?

The reason for the growing popularity of Donald Trump could be understood from his plans to empower America again and take the country forward to make it great again. If you have to go by the words of citizens and the experts’ comments, he is the most liberal person who can take America to win its lost place again in the world. Some of them are also saying that Trump is low risk and high reward candidate so they want to bet on him. Even according to some of the republicans he has a sheer drive for perfection and thus, every one of the American citizens will gain from his visions and ways. Now it’s on you how you want to see the things but as the latest Trump polls result revealing that a major portion of the people is indulging on Trump rather than other republican candidates.


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