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Plantation shutters

Advantages of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters offer many benefit to its users. Here are some of them.

  1. These shutters sit well inside the casement of the window.
  2.  You have the options for a variety of woods for manufacturing plantation shutters. The advantages of having a variety of woods to choose from include customization and the added benefits of working with any decor or room design.
  3. Plantation shutters provide privacy to the occupants of the home. You can also open the shutters completely to a get a full view of the scenery around you or you can shut them to block out any passers- by.
  4. Plantation shutters are built from natural wood and its life span is very long. They are very strong and elegant. You can have a lifetime guarantee on the wood shutters.
  5. There are several options for lighting your house, if you are using plantation shutters. If you open the slats up, direct sunlight is blocked, but still you get ample light. If you open the slats completely, light can flood into the room. You can customize your view as well.
  6. Plantation shutters can be adjusted for free inflow of air and by that way, you can keep your room cool.
  7. Plantation shutters may be installed either inside or outside of a window.
  8. One of the advantages of plantation shutters is that they can be made to fit almost any shape of windows, including arched windows, circular windows, or diamond shaped.
  9. The shutters can be constructed with two panels, each hinged on the left or right window frame. It opens outward like a double door. It can also be constructed with four panels with each of the center two panels hinged to their left or right partner panel. In this case you have the option to open and close the window as a bi-fold door is operated.
  10.  Plantation shutters can be constructed with either a simple tier or a double tier. Single tier shutters have one (or more) panel from top to bottom, while double tier shutters have a set of panels for the top half of the window. The advantage here is that the top and bottom sections can be fitted or opened independently of each other.
  11. Plantation shutters require low maintenance. When properly cared for, you only need to dust and wipe finger prints.
  12. Plantation shutters can help to reduce your energy bills by minimizing the amount of cooled or heated air leaking into your room.

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